Terms and Conditions

Yes, Its true that I will do free Laser scanning services to only those persons who will just send me a Wish Card or any Postal Card.... and This Wish card is the price of scanning...
Beside this I love to scan and help others those do not have laser scanning apparatus or those who can not afford High service prices of their model to be scanned....

1- i can't buy the object to scan it for you, you have to provide the object.
2- You have to borne the shipment charges if you want to send me or getting it back.
3- I am not liable to any damage to the part.
4- if the part is available in my locality, i will just ask for Fair price to purchase and scan free for you.
5- If it is household item i will scan free for you (if it is in my house) and send you mesh model.
6- I will send you MESH model in STL or OBJ format only.
7- The part to be scan should not be from Atomic power plant, Weapons etc
8- If the object is Transparent, translucent, shiny and dark.. I have to apply fine powder on it.. The cost of powder and consumables will be bared by the member...
9- I have the right to display the scanned pictures on my blog-sites
10- The scanned Model will be my property But I will never share/distribute the model to anyone without the permission of real owner of the model
11- Don't send the Back-shipment cost in envelope. Just contact me at my following email address

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grape Vine Scan Vs Grape Leaf Scan with Old setup

 Recently did laser scanning of grape vine.. The results are not good, as i have achieved unsatisfactory results .. The resolution was not good as the small capillaries in leafs can not be seen :(...

I have to improve my laser scanner setup to get the details as close as Human Hair.... I think with proper adjustment of laser scanning parameters and Laser line thickness reduction i would be able to achieve my target resolution...

The Grape Leaf i did about a year ago has some fine details in it.. You can click on the picture below and you will find how High resolution i got from my previous setup.. As i have achived the results earlier so i can achive the results now too.. I need patience, hardwork and dedication to achieve this goal..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pump Impeller Scan

Recently i have got an order to get scanning of  a High RPM  pump impeller ... I did 09 scans and merged them ... The scans were quite accurate.. I have still work in progress of this project:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grape Leaf Scan

To make some relief for wood carving i am scanning different shapes and orientations of Grapes leaf.. Attached scan represent one of the Leaf i scanned today...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kitchen Lighter Scan

One of my friend abroad send me a Kitchen lighter for scanning purpose.. He needs the model to be CNC machined for some Sign work... I did a quick scan and aligned them.. It took 02 hours for complete process...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Computer Fan Scanning

Here is the quick scan of Computer fan. It is dark in color so i tried to get the feelings what comes out of this scan.. The results are pretty promising.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

360 degree Spray Bottle Scan

Attached you can see the scan of spray bottle  .. Total 9 scans , each scan cycle took 2minutes.. Approximate height of the spray bottle is 250mm and 80mm in diameter...

The alignment and stitching was a difficult part due to symmetry in the model.. However, i learn a lot in stitching the scans... The results are attached...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laser Scanning Translucent object- A difficult scan

The following basic things to be looked into before Laser scanning:
1- Object should not be shiny
2- Object should not be dark in color
3- Object should not be transparent (glass etc.)
4- Environment lightining should be dark

yesterday i did a scan of Translucent object.. The scan was difficult as the laser spread inside the body of those birds.. However, with some parametric adjustment , i was able to scan and merged all scans very well for such type of object...

A Souvenir From ROME

Currently doing a difficult scanning of a Souvenir that i brought from ROME last year. It has dark at some floral locations and in centre ... I didn't sprayed anything on it and just took three scan of it.
As currently  i have no server available to upload these scanned files, so this can be provided Free on request by email.

Refinement in Scan Parameters & Addition of New Panels

Today I achieved excellent results... If the rpetition and reference scans are brought in a Software and they both exactly matches each other i.e. You can view coloured pixels of both the scans in one another then You have achieved perfection..

Today after 2-years of hard work at last i achieved that perfection As you can see in the attached picture how both the scans intermingled each other...
Some of the scan parameters are:
Camera Resolution settings: 960x720, 15 fps, 24 bit (RGB24)
Following are my CAM settings:
Brightness= 5059
Contrast = 2706
The Gain =8000
Exposure= 1/64
AntiFlicker= OFF

Meanwhile, I have some very perfect calibration ready.. These panels are 100% at 90 degree and the calibration papers are sticked with these panels without misalignment and bubbles...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Laser Scanning of hand carved wooden Corbel

I have purchased some carved furniture during the latest visit to Chiniot (city of Pakistan). Chiniot peoples are highly skilled wood carver and i was amazed to see the amazing wood carving through out the visit... As i have no laser scanner with me at that time, so i brought some of wooden carved pieces to test my new laser scanner setup..
Due to Dark polish on the corbel, laser scanning was not possible.. so i applied talcum powder with brush...I didn't show the that white Corbel to my wife, this is just because i don't want my wife to throw away the laser scanning stuff ;) ... i did some quick scanning of the corbel and stitched them together.. Attached are the scan results just out from Laser scanner.. All scans were carried out with plane-less technique...

Free 3D Models

I have been here for a long long time and never saw a site that offers free 3D models that can be machined on CNC... my purpose is to offer 3D carving models and files that i have done in my life time...
I will share my 3D models only if not used commercially or if somebody use it commercially then give me small donation to keep up my addition of new models going.
Keep visiting as i am soon finding a way to add free 3D models on this blogsite.

My-LaserScanning: The Need of this New Blog

The subject is as vast as my never lasting DIY projects... Been involved in CNC machining, Embroidery software and DIY embroidery machines and now in DIY laser scanning... My ever first blog
has converted into amalgamate of all above mentioned projects...  The need of this new blog was following:

1- To relive my wood carvers and related users from watching the laser scanning in the woodcarving blog and taking stress, i plan to separate the laser scanning related projects from CNC wood carving projects... I do know that CNC machining does not complete without CAD model and especially if you have some Laser scanning.... However, i love my followers and guest and give them full honor and respect for watching my work...

2- To generate revenue.. If you come daily and keep watching my work, i get minute amount of money.. so keep watching and joining this blog because the income generated will be used on other DIY projects... As a hobbies't, i know how much amount we expend in experimentation.... So if you want to post your advertisement with a little amount to me, i can place here...

From onward this blog will be dedicated to Laser scanning work ...