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Yes, Its true that I will do free Laser scanning services to only those persons who will just send me a Wish Card or any Postal Card.... and This Wish card is the price of scanning...
Beside this I love to scan and help others those do not have laser scanning apparatus or those who can not afford High service prices of their model to be scanned....

1- i can't buy the object to scan it for you, you have to provide the object.
2- You have to borne the shipment charges if you want to send me or getting it back.
3- I am not liable to any damage to the part.
4- if the part is available in my locality, i will just ask for Fair price to purchase and scan free for you.
5- If it is household item i will scan free for you (if it is in my house) and send you mesh model.
6- I will send you MESH model in STL or OBJ format only.
7- The part to be scan should not be from Atomic power plant, Weapons etc
8- If the object is Transparent, translucent, shiny and dark.. I have to apply fine powder on it.. The cost of powder and consumables will be bared by the member...
9- I have the right to display the scanned pictures on my blog-sites
10- The scanned Model will be my property But I will never share/distribute the model to anyone without the permission of real owner of the model
11- Don't send the Back-shipment cost in envelope. Just contact me at my following email address

Friday, October 19, 2012

My First SL scan attempt

Here i made the scanning rig to test the first SL scan of cherub model. Total 10 scans were manually aligned and fused. Each scan took about 8sec. The quality and alignment of the scan is impressive. Currently, the Scanning rig is under modification to get variable size scans.
Ii have managed to scan this masterpiece with Vertical Negative corner and the projector-camera side by side. The results are good :)
I have not tweaked any settings except i changed the exposure of camera 1/60sec which gives good results.
Amazingly i was able to Fuse the scan with 5000 poison.Previously i was unable to pass 1000.
 As this was a first test SL scan so precision was not important for me, instead, all the 10 scans aligned one into other perfectly.

Soon i shall do a mechanical object and post precision results here. You believe i didn't used the turntable, just rotated the object with hand without knowing any precise angle.

For me the SL is 100% more good than the Laser scan i had. Its perfect..absolutely perfect. I shall never ever do laser scanning again.


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