Terms and Conditions

Yes, Its true that I will do free Laser scanning services to only those persons who will just send me a Wish Card or any Postal Card.... and This Wish card is the price of scanning...
Beside this I love to scan and help others those do not have laser scanning apparatus or those who can not afford High service prices of their model to be scanned....

1- i can't buy the object to scan it for you, you have to provide the object.
2- You have to borne the shipment charges if you want to send me or getting it back.
3- I am not liable to any damage to the part.
4- if the part is available in my locality, i will just ask for Fair price to purchase and scan free for you.
5- If it is household item i will scan free for you (if it is in my house) and send you mesh model.
6- I will send you MESH model in STL or OBJ format only.
7- The part to be scan should not be from Atomic power plant, Weapons etc
8- If the object is Transparent, translucent, shiny and dark.. I have to apply fine powder on it.. The cost of powder and consumables will be bared by the member...
9- I have the right to display the scanned pictures on my blog-sites
10- The scanned Model will be my property But I will never share/distribute the model to anyone without the permission of real owner of the model
11- Don't send the Back-shipment cost in envelope. Just contact me at my following email address

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Banana Scan

I have seen lot of Banana's scan on the internet so i also tried one to take the credit . This banana is special as i didn't added any powder or spray on it.. You can see the dark areas are not scanned.. However i am in process of combining the scans and let the Poisson fusion works on it.. Following is the Color depth image of misc. scans:

All the scans:

and finally combined:

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today I have scanned the Gas Turbine Blade... The scanning went good and i have done total 14 scans of it in Horizontal position.. Tomorrow I will scan it in vertical direction to get the missing details...
Here is the Partial Assembling of the Blade...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dragon Head Scanning for Mayo Pardo, USA

A couple of days ago i received a Dragon Head for Laser scanning from Mr. Mayo Pardo , USA... He want to make a Mail box out of it on his CNC.. He wrote me about his idea of How he will machine it:

"For the machining technique, I was thinking of cutting the head as a left side and a right side.Each side will need to be cut in several slices which I will glue together.Then I would glue the left and right sides together to complete the head. This is going to be a challenging project for me! And then to paint it to look like the model is another challenge"

Mayo is involve in Styrofoam carving business and we can see some cool work of him in the following websites...

It was a difficult scan because of intricate details and undercuts.. Moreover, the size of Dragon head was very small.. I did about 17 scans from all the angles to collect maximum details out of it.. the final 3D model is about High resolution 58Mb file... The scaling of the Dragon Head will not loose resolution...

Here is the dragon Head I received:

Here is the Color depth images of some of the scans:

Following are the scans in Assembled form:
and the final water tight 3D model:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Duck Scan

Today I did  duck scan for one of my friend.. Here are the results:
The Original duck:

1- Color depth image.

2- Opening all the scan...

3- Scan arranged to get them assembled

4- Scans Aligned and merged after clean up the base.

5- Fusion results of all 08  Scan

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bunch of Leaves...

Yesterday i was walking outside and found a beautiful tree. The Leaves of the tree were connected through small branches and hanging toward the ground.. I collected a small branch and tried to scan it..
Last year when i was in Italy i saw some trees with similar leaves.. ..The same leaves i saw on many ornamental art displayed various parts of Paris and Italy......Unfortunately i not remember the name of that tree, it seems that the Tree is Holy in Christianity or in ancient roman empire...

I have placed the leaves bunch into a Book and closed it overnight..In the morning i scanned those leaves...

Rooster Scan Revisited- Windows Crash and Recovery

I have a window crash last week and after that i have done many scans but this Rooster scan was carried out Planeless... Here you can see the color depth image...

Here is the Various scans of the same Rooster with different view angles and orientation...

Here you can see all above scan in assembled form..

 and Here is the Simple fusion results..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pigeon Feather Scan

Today, When i was in the park with my little son i found a pure white feather.. I picked it up and found that it was a pigeon feather....I kept it for my laser scanning purpose..
Here is the Quick laser scan of the same...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

San of Palm Tree - After Windows reinstallation....

I have just scanned a Palm tree that can be placed very easily on my Palm... Due to problem and subsequent crashes of Microsoft Windows...I removed all the cables and reinstalled the  Fresh Windows XP.... The scan was started and without adjusting parameters i got following satisfactory scan.. Scan is not Excellent but in my category it is Fine...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Orange Scan

Recently Oisin asked me to scan some fruit so that he can see the results... I just plucked an orange from the tree and did two scans... Now you can comments about the quality of the scan...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Case Study- Scanning of Metallic Carved Horse

i have a metallic horse with fine carving details... To test and improve my laser scanning setup i put this horse into practice: Following were the goals of this case study:
1- To determine How minute details i can get on such shiny metallic objects
2- To adjust parameters Hardware as well as software to achieve my goal
3- To do a Planeless scan and merge

A Fine powder spray was done on the Horse to make it dull but in such a way that the details can be viewed with the webcam... My Laser is mounted on 1:256 Gear box that is driven with stepper motor... I am using DIY SLA7062M based stepper driver that can run the stepper motor in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 micro-steps ... To get the fine details at 800 x 600 camera resolution and 150mm calibration scale using green line laser i changed the microstep mode from 1/2 step to 1/16 steps.. Now I have resolution of (200 x 16x 256 =819200 pulses per one complete rotation i.e.0.000439 degrees/step ). This resolution is fine enough to get the Horse details from 3meters distance from the Webcam...However i have kept the horse about 300mm far  from the Camera ...Following are 4 multiple scans of the horse:

The results I found were satisfactory as the Webcam Logetech9000 has the limit... To get more fine details I have to do:
1- To get expensive CCD Monochrome camera
2- To get fine green line laser that should be focusable

The thinner the line the more details we can get.