Terms and Conditions

Yes, Its true that I will do free Laser scanning services to only those persons who will just send me a Wish Card or any Postal Card.... and This Wish card is the price of scanning...
Beside this I love to scan and help others those do not have laser scanning apparatus or those who can not afford High service prices of their model to be scanned....

1- i can't buy the object to scan it for you, you have to provide the object.
2- You have to borne the shipment charges if you want to send me or getting it back.
3- I am not liable to any damage to the part.
4- if the part is available in my locality, i will just ask for Fair price to purchase and scan free for you.
5- If it is household item i will scan free for you (if it is in my house) and send you mesh model.
6- I will send you MESH model in STL or OBJ format only.
7- The part to be scan should not be from Atomic power plant, Weapons etc
8- If the object is Transparent, translucent, shiny and dark.. I have to apply fine powder on it.. The cost of powder and consumables will be bared by the member...
9- I have the right to display the scanned pictures on my blog-sites
10- The scanned Model will be my property But I will never share/distribute the model to anyone without the permission of real owner of the model
11- Don't send the Back-shipment cost in envelope. Just contact me at my following email address

Friday, April 20, 2012

Charm Scan

Recently, i received a charm from Bryan enclosed in a beautiful postal card for 3D laser scanning. It was so small and complicated. It took 10 High Resolution  scans to get the 3D model.

 The charm dimension is 10.8mm x 18.8mm x2.5mm.


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