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Yes, Its true that I will do free Laser scanning services to only those persons who will just send me a Wish Card or any Postal Card.... and This Wish card is the price of scanning...
Beside this I love to scan and help others those do not have laser scanning apparatus or those who can not afford High service prices of their model to be scanned....

1- i can't buy the object to scan it for you, you have to provide the object.
2- You have to borne the shipment charges if you want to send me or getting it back.
3- I am not liable to any damage to the part.
4- if the part is available in my locality, i will just ask for Fair price to purchase and scan free for you.
5- If it is household item i will scan free for you (if it is in my house) and send you mesh model.
6- I will send you MESH model in STL or OBJ format only.
7- The part to be scan should not be from Atomic power plant, Weapons etc
8- If the object is Transparent, translucent, shiny and dark.. I have to apply fine powder on it.. The cost of powder and consumables will be bared by the member...
9- I have the right to display the scanned pictures on my blog-sites
10- The scanned Model will be my property But I will never share/distribute the model to anyone without the permission of real owner of the model
11- Don't send the Back-shipment cost in envelope. Just contact me at my following email address

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Universal SL 3D Scanning Hardware

I have recently made a sturdy simple SL scanning setup. Following is the basic properties:
1- Camera can be tilt and rotate on its base.
2- Camera can move forward and backward on Aluminum extrusion.
3- camera extrusion can move left and right on the main base extrusion.

1- My projector can tilt and rotate on its base.
2- The whole projector can be move forward and backward on its base extrusion.
3- The projector can be lowered and move up on extrusion.
4- The projector can be rotated on vertical extrusion.
5- The projector assembly can be move left and right (near the camera and far the camera)on the main base extrusion.
in the center i kept a stick that can be move forward and backward. I use this stick to move near the CORNER and then calibrate the camera. After removal of corner i know that near the tip of the stick is the focus of camera. So i keep the object to be scanned near the tip of the stick.
The whole setup can be rotated and tilted on the camera stand.

 Three SL shots of grape leaf with different angles. The leaf scans merged correctly, no deformation observed with scans. The SL scanning is perfect as all the scans merged perfectly.


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  2. After removal of corner i know that near the tip of the stick is the focus of camera. So i keep the object to be scanned near the tip of the stick.
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  3. Consider showing your 3D laser scannings in 3D

    A WebGL point cloud:

    Check out this 4 "3D photo" with touch navigation

    rotate = 1 finger
    zoom = 2 finger
    PAN = 3 finger

    Or on computer:

    Rotate = L-click + drag
    Pan = R-click + drag
    ZOOM = Scroll


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